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Imagine a firm studying fully customised lighting solutions for your projects. Advanced knowhowin LED technology that ensures quality, sustainability and efficiency in every situation.A unique group, made of specialised departments, able to deal with any project need and guarantees 100% HT Lighting quality.Together with the HT Lighting Limited, all your ideas will see the light.

A clear imprint, characterized by the ability to discover, research and test innovative solutions and technologies.The HT Lighting Limited was among the ffrst companies in China to specialise in LED technology, a perfect response to energy and lighting efffciency, color ffdelity and versatility in every project.All ideas come true in integrated applications spacing from electronics to mechanics, from optics to design: every single component is designed starting from the source and manufactured with a view to achieving optimum performance of the ffnished product.


HT LIGHTING is a China lighting brand, a recognised leader in Smart LED solutions, advanced technology, and colour ontrol systems.We are a project led company, experienced, knowledgeable and creative. Our professional team work closely with electrical wholesalers, lighting designers, architects, and installers, providing inspirational lighting designs for residential, ommercial and architectural projects in the China and worldwide.As we celebrate 18 years in the industry, our heartfelt passion for lighting and design continues, as does our commitment to offering highly efficient,sustainable products, created with multifunctional features ideal for a wide range of project solutions.Our innovative and unique product collection incorporates global leading brands, outstanding effi ciency, advanced technology, colour tunable systems and Smart connectivity.

We offer an extensive range of fl exible linear solutions ideal for diverse feature lighting.Our specialist LED Linear Flex collection offers the latest advancement in LED technology including Smart colour tunable options, DMX, high powered illumination, dotless COB design, Neon effect, IP68 submersible, and 240V direct to mains.

We provide American-made LED light fixtures built to withstand moisture, corrosion, salt spray, large temperature variance, and constant vibration, making them the ideal choice for inland, offshore, commercial, fishing and military vessels. As we design and manufacture our products for the maritime industry, we constantly consider operators and what they need for safe and effective life onboard. We’re dedicated to delivering exterior, interior and navigation lights that reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption and will survive marine conditions. Our LED fixtures meet ABS, UL and other industry certifications and standards. We partner with shipyards, naval architects and operators to create customized lighting solutions. We offer lighting calculations to enable vessels of all sizes to find the right layout to meet required specifications.

Lighting is an essential part of any architectural and landscape design. Technology and innovation are an integral part of our specifi cation and our aim is to provide architectural lighting design that can achieve correct light levels and stunning minimalist design at the same time. We offer bespoke LED solutions, on-site consultation, and professional DIALux Lighting Design where customers can visualise their ideas and achieve their desired goal.

Tug, Tow & Push Boats

Tug, tow, and push boats require durable lighting that minimizes the need for costly maintenance work and maintains undisrupted operations for longer periods of time. We provide a complete ship set of marine grade lighting solutions for inland and offshore tug, tow and push boats that are guaranteed to deliver reliable and effective illumination.

Commercial Fishing Vessels

Commercial fishing vessels require lighting that can withstand harsh and unpredictable working conditions, minimize maintenance, and improve safety of its workers. Designed to endure vibration, moisture and corrosion, Phoenix has American-made above and below deck light fixtures that help eliminate costly maintenance disruptions and increase productivity while at sea.

Dredges and Work Barges

Lighting for dredges and work barges must be durable to withstand heavy shock and vibration, corrosive conditions and dirt or debris. With decades of experience illuminating mining applications, our heavy duty LED fixtures for all areas of dredges and barges are built with marine grade components, stainless steel mounting brackets and fully potted drivers.

Offshore Supply Vessels

Meet critical maritime lighting certification and standards with LED fixtures made for offshore supply vessels and offshore wind. We provide lighting solutions for the entire vessel that stand up to the corrosive environment and harsh weather offshore operations face. With lighting the delivers the highest performance and durability, workers are kept safe and productivity increases.

Military Service Vessels

Phoenix manufactures marine grade, BAA compliant lighting for U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard & Military Sealift Command vessels, and has supplied to the military for over 50 years. Our fixtures are found throughout the fleet in cargo holds, flight decks and waterline perimeters. With a full range of fixtures, technical support and complimentary lighting simulations, we offer a customized solution that meets each mission’s safety and efficiency goals.

Ferries, Passenger & Research Vessels

Ferries, passenger vessels and research vessels require reliable lighting that overcomes the marine environment and keeps passengers safe. Phoenix has decades of experience illuminating these applications and can provide durable, marine-rated lighting that meets stringent safety and security requirements.

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