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Interior Lighting --lighting your lifestyle
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Interior Lighting --lighting your lifestyle

Designing or retrofftting your vessels lighting plays an important part of creating your perfect lifestyle / workspace environment.

HT Lighting's interior lighting range presents a versatile selection of luminaires designed to meet various applications.

Every product in this range beneffts from our 10 decades of expertise in LED technology, assuring you that you're choosing a lamp craffed by industry experts.

Choosing the perfect lighting solution demands thoughtful deliberation. Continue reading to uncover how HT Lighting marine lights can genuinely transform your experience.

Light Output

While lumens, measured in lumens, are offen heavily promoted for modern downlights, they usually provide a poor indication of whether a light will meet your requirements. While total lumens do matter to some extent, there are more crucial factors to consider.

Beam Angle/Lux @ Distance

For any given lumen count, a change to the beam angle will produce a higher lux, but over a smaller area. Narrow angle lamps are best when used to highlight a speciffc object with high intensity, or when the lamp is mounted up high. Wide beam angle lights are used for general purpose lighting to spread the light as wide as possible, and or where height is restricted and/or the lights need to spread as soon as possible.

Colour Temperature or ‘CCT’

This is the measure of how ‘Warm’ or ‘Cool’ the light appears. Measured on a scale of Kelvin, similar to temperature, hence the association. Warmer tones, in the 2700K to 3000K range, replicate traditional halogen fflament lighting and suit where the atmosphere is designed to be cosy and inviting; Saloons and Cabins. Cooler tone, in 4500K – 5500K range, would typically be where work is taking place, or where people need to be alert; Galleys, heads and cockpits.

Colour Rendering index or ‘CRI’

LED lighting is signiffcantly more efffcient than traditional lighting sources, and a core reason for that is due to the fact that LEDs don’t produce light on all spectrums. Isolated frequencies are produced that appear white to various degrees (see CCT above), but in doing so, can cause colours to appear washed out. Quality LED luminaries like the HT Lighting marine interior range, will select LED chips that replicate more of the frequencies across the colour spectrum, which in turn means that the reffected light will produce more vibrant colours, and similar to sunlight.

Materials / Sealing

HT Lighting marine interior lamps are all fully sealed, allowing for these lamps to be fftted to any interior or exterior space. Being sealed is only the start, as our lamps are inpervious to UV and offer mainly polymer construction. Where metal trims are required, these are typically 316 Stainless Steel, which retains its look affer many years with only the occasional wipe down.

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